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Quick-acting fuse
quick-acting fuse
ceramic fuse
quick-acting fuse-link
PRODUCT NAME : Quick-acting fuse


Product function : Over-current protection


Range of application : Adjustable-speed cabinet


Specifications : len 100A/200A/300A/500A/800A


Product characteristics : This series of fuse has easy assembly, safe use and other characteristics. The fuse-link with variable cross-section made of sterling silver pieces (silver wires, pure copper pieces or copper wire) is filled and sealed in a fusion tube which is made of high-strength porcelain and filled with chemically-treated high purity quartz sand as the arc-extinguishing medium; both ends of the fuse-link is firmly connected with contactors through spot welding and in the mode of electric connection. The fuse-link can be equipped with an indicator or a striker which can indicate a fusing phenomenon (indicator) or transform it into various signals or automatically switch into another circuit (striker), when the fuse-link is blown out.