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Do you have any questions, suggestions or questions? We are very happy to help you.

You can directly contact the FX service hotline 0086-0514-87873817, we will be happy to answer your call. Or you can contact us by email


Throughout the life cycle of the FX products, our customer service will provide you with full support. No matter where you are, as long as you need us, we or our customer service partners will provide you with assistance.

FX Pipemaker
FX office: F8 International Trade Plaza, No.18 Wenchang West Road, Yangzhou, JiangSu Provincce, P.R.China 225001
FX factory: Chenji industrial zone, Yizheng city, Jiangsu province, P.R.China
TEL: 0086-0514-87873817
MOB: 0086 16605147777