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Packing belt
galvanized packing belt
iron sheet belt
steel belt
bluing galvanized packing belt
stainless steel sheet
PRODUCT NAME : Packing belt


Product width : 32mm


Characteristics :
1. Width error: plus or minus 0.15mm


2. Tensile strength > 600Mpa; elongation > 4%


3. Lubricate the steel belt surface when packing to reduce the frictional resistance between steel belts and the frictional resistance between the belt and the object being packed and thus to tighten the steel belt and make the packing more firmly; the steel belt edge is smooth without edges and corners to avoid hurting hands and breaking the object being packed.


4. The steel belt is packed in hessian; in each package, there is one reel or 2 reels of steel belts (according to specific model) which are bound in iron bars.


5. The raw material is of ordinary cold rolled sheet


6. Purposeļ¼šused for packing of the wooden box, color-coated sheet, strip steel, steel plate, steelĀ strand, welded pipe, aluminum ingot, magnesium ingot and zinc ingot.