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Saw blade
cutting saw blade for tubulation
manganese steel saw blade
saw blade for welded pipe
flying saw blade
PRODUCT NAME : Flying saw blade


Product purpose : It is mainly used for the metal circle sawing machine in the high-frequency welded pipe and stainless steel welded pipe mills and used for on-line fixed-length cutoff of a workpiece.


Material : 65 manganese steel


Advantages : After heat treatment, it has uniform and permanent hardness, so it is a more ideal steel pipe cutting tool; its tooth tip has the characteristics of high hardness and high abrasion resistance; range of saw cutting temperature is 800℃-900℃.


Warm prompt :
Please specify the size of inner bore of the saw blade in Remarks or contact the customer service when make order.


Please use a specialized cutting equipment for metal processing. In order to obtain better cutting effect, we recommend using a minimal quantity lubrication device which can be used for cutting of iron pipes, iron rods and other materials. Non-standard customization and special-type customization are accepted. The pictures are only for reference and the product can be customized according to customer’s demand for processing of outer diameter, inner diameter, thickness and number of teeth.