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FX114 High Frequency
Welding Pipe Production Line
High frequency welding machine is a strip as raw material, after uncoiling, molding, high frequency welding, eliminate overip, sizing, straightening, cutting off a series of pipe forming process to produce complete sets of equipment or a variety of circular steel tube steel pipe line.

Roll forming is used to make the strip cold bending into round billet, and the welding seam is extruded to form round tube by high frequency induction heating. Various standard tubes and square tubes are produced after sizing.
Raw material Carbon steel coil, galvanized steel coil, other hot or cold rolled steel coil.
Pipe size scope Width of raw material 240 - 500mm
Round pipe outside diameter Φ76 - Φ159mm
Round pipe thickness 1.0 - 4.0mm
Square and rectangular pipe size 60x60 - 125x125mm
40x80 - 100x150mm
Square and rectangular pipe thickness 1.0 - 3.0mm
High frequency induction welder power 300Kw
Production speed 20 - 60m/min
Total electricity power of the production line 500Kw
(1) Raw material uncoiler It’s used to support the steel strip roll and feed raw material for the production line.
1) Structure mode Single working position
2) Material tray outer diameter Φ1600mm
3) Material tray inner diameter Φ500 - Φ600mm
4) Central height 1000mm
5) Weight bearing 5000Kg
(2) Horizontal material accumulator It’s used to weld together the tail of former material roll and the head of next roll to ensure the continuous production of pipes.
1) Max storage capacity 10Ton
2) Power of motor 22Kw
3) Max material feeding speed 120m/min
(3) Forming and sizing machine It’s the main equipment of the production line. Rollers can make steel strip form into pipes of variety shapes. It consists of forming part , welding part and sizing part.
1) Forming part Material feeding - Flattening - Feeding - 1 Horizontal roller - 1 Vertical roller - 2H - 2V - 3H - 3V - 4H - 4V - 5V - 6V - 5H - 7V - 6H - 8V - 7H - 9V
2) Welding part Seam direction guiding -Extruding - Welding - Weld burr removing - Polishing - Water cooling
3) Sizing part 1V - 1H - 2V - 2H - 3V - 3H - 4V - 4H - 5V - 5H - 6V - 6H - Speed measuring - Straightening
4) Driving method Two 160 Kw DC motors transmit power to gear boxes through reducer, then gear boxes transmit power to each horizontal roller through universal shafts.
5) Horizontal frame Using gantry type integral frame. Diameter of shaft is Φ90mm and the material is 40Cr.
6) Vertical frame Adjusted through lead screw. Diameter of shaft is Φ60mm and material is 40Cr.
(4) Computer flying saw With the high precision STD control system and quick reaction of mechanical system, the cutting saw has reliable synchronization performance and high precision cutting length.
1) Error in length ±3mm
2) Power of cutting motor 45Kw
3) Power of driving motor 22Kw
(5) Automatic pipe unloading platform It is an unloading platform of pipes cut by computerized saw. After the pipes falling down, workers can quickly check the quality and package them for preparation of transportation.
(6) High frequency induction appliances Using the current skin effect and proximity effect of high frequency to make both edges of the material rapidly heated to soldering temperature and then weld them together. Using computer to monitor the process can provide the machine with reliable quality.
• Workshop to place the whole pipe production line (more than 65×5m²) and
  Space for high frequency appliances (more than 6×4m²) 


• Power supply: The main electric source to high frequency room and production
  line. Connecting wires from high frequency to the main machine


• Water supply: Water pool (30m³) and one 2-inch self absorbing pumps (raising
  distance more than 25m)


• Several saw pieces of the computerized saw according to the specification.
• Foundation of the production line to be constructed according to drawing.



• Gas supply: one air-compressor (1.0m³/min)



• One set of shearer and welder for connecting the head and tail of
  the material coil.


• Induction loop(Φ10/12×1 copper tube) and magnet bar according to pipe
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